About Istria

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Istria is the western most county of the Republic of Croatia, and it is the largest Croatian peninsula. For Central European countries Istria is the nearest tourist destination to the seaside. It borders the Republic of Slovenia to the north, and to the west shares the sea border with the Republic of Italy., Its surface covers the area of 2.820 km’, making a triangle from the river Dragonja on the west part, down to Cape Kamenjak, the most southern point of Istria, and to the east up to the massif Učka, with the highest point of 1.396 m above sea level.

The Adriatic Sea washes all three sides of the Istrian indented coast, which extends across 445,1 km, being twice the length of the Istrian road line. The western Istrian coast is 242,5 km long and together with the coastline of the islands and islets stretches out on a 212,4 kilometres surface.

Istria is traversed by the 45th parallel of latitude north, and thus the Istrian peninsula is situated just in the middle of the north hemisphere, or midway between the equator and the North Pole.

The weather conditions are characterized by the mild Mediterranean climate, with warm and dry summers and mild pleasant winters. The sunshine amounts to 2.388 sunny hours on the average yearly. Because of the long, mostly sunny days, the longest insolation on the Istrian beaches is 10 hours daily during the summer time.