About Croatia

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Croatia is ideally situated at the crossroads of Central Europe and the Mediterranean. Its surface area has 89.810 km2, the land area extends to 56.510 km2 and the surface of the sea waters cover 33.200 km2.

The Croatian coastline is 5.835 km long, the mainland area of which covers 1.777 km, and the coastal zone encircling 1.182 islands and islets extends to the length of 4.058 kilometres. Croatia is on the basis of territory and administration devided into 20 counties and the Town of Zagreb, being its capital town.

The country has 4.494.000 inhabitants, almost one million of which live in the capital town. The climate in the hinterland is temperate continental, in the mountainous area prevails the premountainous or mountainous climate, while the typcal Mediterranean climate is found in the coastal area, and Zagora, the inland hilly region has the sub-Mediterranean climate.

The Adriatic coast with 2.600 sunny hours yearly on the average is one of the sunniest coasts of the Mediterranean.