Brijuni National Park


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The Brijuni islands are a group of fourteen small beautiful islands located along the southwestern cost of Istria, in the vicinity of Pula. They were proclaimed a National park in 1983.

The largest island is Veli Brijun where you can see lots of indigenous plant species; olive tree from IV A.D; a Safari park which is home to a variety of exotic animals; pine ally from 1905.

There are also several archaeological and cultural sites worth seeing like
a Roman country residence dating from I century A.D.and  church of St.Germaine with an exhibition of murals and remains of a Byzantine palace.

Also, on a Veli Brijun over 200 dinosaur footprints have been discovered.

Brijuni National park ranks as one of the loveliest archipelagos in the Mediterranean with a cristal-clear sea, clean air and beautiful beaches.

The islands can be reached by boat from the nearby fishing village Fažana.

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